Pete Gaunt encouraged us to live as a part of the body of Christ - “We have to be who God has made us to be in order to live…

At the 9am, John Finch starts the exploration of the second book of 1 Corinthians by reminding us to rely on God's spirit and guidance for daily living.
James talks about how a steadfast hope and trust in the Lord can overcome even our deepest fears and insecurities.
"For the message of the cross is foolishness" - Rich continues our series on 1 Corinthians challenging us to enter another level of trust with Jesus.
James Moring continues diving into 1 Corinthians challenging us to be united in disunity.
Rich opens our series on 1 Corinthians.
James Moring opens our 1 Corinthians series at the 9am
Rich reminds us of the good news of Jesus, in a world that needs it more than ever.
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