Being at university is an adventure! Not least a faith adventure with Jesus. We know it can be daunting and exciting all at the same time.

Getting stuck into a church family is the key to helping you thrive and we'd love you to check out St Margaret's to see if it might be the family for you.

Our Story

St Margaret’s has been a church serving the people of Aspley for a number of years, but is now being given the opportunity to take things to a new level. We’re launching a new evening service and shaping a new vision to be a church where there is real, raw faith and there’s family too.

So what happens for students

Our evening service (6pm every Sunday) is our main service aimed at students and we would LOVE to see you there. On top of that our wonderful student team are busy putting together loads of brilliant social nights, worship nights, community nights and so much more. Do connect with Joy and James for more details!

Get in touch

Got a question about being a student at St Margaret's? Or maybe you just need some advice on how to cook baked beans. Either way we'd LOVE to hear from you! Do shoot us a message so we feel the love!